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Dikeledi Jacobeth Mofokeng was born in the year 1960 on the 03rd of March in Bloemfontein in a small town called Botshabelo. She got the name Dikeledi when her mother got arrested while she was pregnant with her. The mother was arrested for selling African Beer (umqhombothi). At the age of six years her mother passes away and her uncle took them by force from their father to Lesotho because their father did not pay lobola. Life in Lesotho was not good and at the age of thirteen years she used to steal peaches and sell to local communities, with that money she took care of her two siblings. She will get beaten from her uncle accusing her of stealing peaches because she loves money. She hated to cook; instead of cooking she will grow spinach and other vegetables. She will sell the spinach and vegetables. Life with their uncle forced her to go and stay with her grandmother. Her grandmother called her Mampe (ugly woman in Sesotho). The reason for that name is not known because Dikeledi is a beautiful woman of her age. Her grandmother passes away in the year 1976. Dikeledi Jacobeth Mofokeng leaved and got married in Lesotho; she got three children namely Angie, Mapolo and Teboho. She had a small shop where she sold vegetables and other things. In 1991 she then decided to move back to Bloemfontein to her mother’s sister but she was no longer staying in Botshabelo but Phela Ndaba, her name was Mme Manako. When Dikeledi Jacobeth Mofokeng got there, her mother’s sister had found a place of her own but renting. Out of good heart and family spirit, Dikeledi Jacobeth Mofokeng bought a house for her mother’s sister. In that year of her arrival, she started a hair salon business. She ran the salon for a year but there was no business. In 1992 her friend Sindi came to her about employment opportunities she has for her. Sindi told Dikeledi that her uncle owns a company in Gauteng a small town called Evaton. When they got to Gauteng in a small town called Evaton, they arrived at Sindi’s family a home of Mmabatho, Mmabatho was a shebeen owner selling African Beer (umqhombothi). Mmabatho told them that when they get to the uncles place and there is no answer they should look through holes. Both Sindi and Dikeledi went to the uncle’s place, as they arrived, what Mmabatho told them happened, there was no answer at the door, they looked through the holes. The holes were the holes of a big shack, the uncle’s business shack. When they heard of a grown-up can fit through, the uncle was lying on the floor drunk. Their return to Mmabatho, Mmabatho offered Dikeledi a place in the shebeen. The life of Dikeledi got tough as she was not used to the working hours and salary. She worked from 4am in the morning to 1 am the next morning. She had only two or less hours to sleep and she only got paid R100.00 per month. After six months working at the shebeen, she started to sell umqhombothi and beers in the location called Lawley, while doing that she bought a bed a told people that she was selling it, she got a buyer and decided to sleep on the floor. This is how her small pawn shop started but did not go far. As we all know, no one want to find their self’s struggling to bury their loved ones. Dikeledi Jacobeth Mofokeng, friends and other members of the community started what we usually known as Masinqwabisane (a burial society). The initiative grew big around the small town called Evaton in Gauteng and went to Free State. They called their burial Ntataise, they used to give out money or organize and undertaker to do the burial for their members. One of those unexpected days, it happened that a faithful member died, they contacted on of the undertaker they paid to help them in times like this was nowhere to be found, gone with their hard earned money. It was time for someone to save the day, Dikeledi Jacobeth Mofokeng took the bull by its horns, and she went out to look for ways to bury their member with dignity. She stood by the family of the deceased and members of Ntataise to the end. After this brave and good act done by Dikeledi Jacobeth Mofokeng, members of Ntataise saw that she is the one to be trusted with their money because she understands and cares. Then the top people’s undertaker was then born, Phokeng Funeral Directors. Mrs. Dikeledi Jacobeth Mofokeng now owns several successful businesses i.e. Phokeng Funeral Directors Phokeng Music Production PK Real Estates Phokeng Economic Empowerment and Foundation Advices by Mrs. Dikeledi Jacobeth Mofokeng to: Child headed family by girls. When it happens that you get married do not leave your siblings behind, your husband must marry all of you. Woman in business To succeed in business, you must work hard, have patience, have compassion, and have love for your people. The meaning of family by Mrs. Dikeledi Jacobeth Mofokeng: family is every human being you meet despite the color or race.


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