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Phokeng funeral directors was established and registered and underwritten in 2003 by a vibrant and energetic lady by the name of Dikeledi Jacobeth Mofokeng. Phokeng funeral Directors was officially opened in 2003.

About Phokeng Funeral Directors

Phokeng Funeral Directors was established in the year 1998. The establishment of Phokeng Funeral Directors was driven by the death of one of Ntataise Burial Society where the owner and director of Phokeng Funeral Directors saw a gap to offer a stress free, reliable and trusted funeral services to the community. During the establishment of Phokeng Funeral Directors there were lots of scammers in funeral undertaking industry. Phokeng is now one of the leading funeral undertakers in Gauteng and neighboring provinces. Phokeng Funeral Directors is an authorised Financial Services Provider and a member of NFDA. It is led by Dikeledi Jacobeth Mofokeng. A serial entrepreneur, whom has a vast experience in the funeral undertaker industry and it, is 100% black and women owned. At Phokeng Funeral Directors we pride ourselves in building relationship on: TRUST/VALUE/COMMITMENT/RESPECT because we understand and care!! Vision Our vision as Phokeng Funeral Directors is to become the leading undertaker of choice. Mission It shall be manifested in the excellent result of our individual and co-operative work, and shall be our way of life.

Phokeng Funeral Directors Staff Members

Mary Khalala

She is a branch manager. She holds a financial and accounting Diploma still furthering her studies part time, she is managing the branches and deal with financial issues.

Pinky Mofokeng

(Orange farm Receptionist) She is the face of the company, also has a switchboard certificate obtained in the year 2010, Very vibrant, energetic young person who is willing to further her studies.

Codesa Zwane

She holds a position of Sales & Marketing also studied media studies. A call centre manager who make sure the information is well received by customers. I strongly believe I`m a brand ambassador of the business.

Flatta Mqwati

(Sebokeng Receptionist) She is a strong women who believes in growth, who`s vibrant and young. she solves problem, she is trustworthy, and an asset to the company. She’s willing to learn more into business.

Edwin Mofokeng


Oscar Ruwondo

(General Worker)

Sifiso Mazibuko


Mthokozisi Mbatha

(General Worker)

Our Transport

Orange Farm Branch Showroom

We Understand and Care

Sebokeng Branch Showroom

We Understand and Care

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Service Package

"We Understand and Care"

Joining Fee/Per Month


Package A (Local Only)

  • Coffin, Hearse
  • Family Car, 1 Bus
  • 1 Tent, 40 Chairs, 2 Tables
  • Body Transport & Grave Mark

Joining Fee/Per Month


Package B

  • Coffin, Hearse
  • Family Car, 1 Bus
  • 1 Tent, 40 Chairs, 2 Tables
  • Body Transport & Grave Mark

Over 21 Years Pay R30.00

No Bus & Tents for dependants aged 0 - 13

  • 6 Months trial period starts from the first month affter joining and
  • 18-65 years are the ones allowed
  • to be main policy holders

Cash Payout Packages

Joining fee/Per Month R80.00

Cover Level for the family (Package 1)

  • Member______R5000.00
  • Spouse______R5000.00
  • 14-21yrs______R5000.00
  • 7-13yrs______R5000.00
  • 0-6yrs______R750.00

Cash Payout Packages

Joining fee/Per Month R160.00

Cover Level for the family (Package 2)

  • Member______R10000.00
  • Spouse______R10000.00
  • 14-21yrs______R10000.00
  • 7-13yrs______R3000.00
  • 0-6yrs______R1500.00

Cash Payout Packages

Joining fee/Per Month R190.00

Cover Level for the family (Package 3)

  • Member______R15000.00
  • Spouse______R15000.00
  • 14-21yrs______R15000.00
  • 7-13yrs______R7500.00
  • 6-9yrs______R5000.00
  • 0-6yrs______R3000.00

Cover level for the Family

Extended Family______R3000.00

The premium rate payable per extended family member R3000.00

  • From 1 Month - 6yrs >>>> R2 500.00 >>>> R30.00 Premium
  • From 14 - 21yrs >>>> R5 000.00 >>>> R40.00 Premium
  • From 41 - 55yrs >>>> R5 000.00 >>>> R50.00 Premium
  • From 56 - 70yrs >>>> R5 000.00 >>>> R100.00 Premium
  • From 71 - 80yrs >>>> R5 000.00 >>>> R150.00 Premium
  • Over Age______R10 000.00______R160.00 Premium

  • 2 Over Age people age 65 - 90 years_____R10 000.00 (For member/Spouse)


Cover Package

  • Joining Fee/Per Month --- R140.00

  • From R3 000.00 - R50 000.00
  • Banking Details


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